Snippet From Nightstalker Inc.

Things are progressing well with my latest Nightstalker novel.  We’re past the halfway mark!  Her’s a snippet of action to whet your appetite.

Cindy stepped back against one of the old trucks as the team approached the door.  She saw Ray hold up a restraining hand and kneel to inspect something on the ground. “We’ve got blood here.” He said, urgently. “Looks like Tommy was right when he said he got a slug into the thing.” He finished, glancing over at the handsome shooter.

“Wounded and cornered, guys.” Said Dale in a hushed tone. “There’s nothing more dangerous.”

Cindy held her breath and bit her bottom lip in worry as the team stacked up on the door.  When everyone was in position, Petey moved ahead cautiously, the big silver pistol in his hand, leading the way. The rest of the team quickly followed him into the darkness.

They were in long enough that Cindy had to exhale the breath she’d been holding when shouts erupted from inside.  “Above you!” said a deep male voice, followed by the meaty thud of an impact.  Almost simultaneously a single gunshot cracked out, sharply.  One of the team, Jake, if she remembered correctly, came flying out of the door they’d just entered.  A figure wearing tattered clothes that were covered in some sticky black and red substance, followed quickly in his wake.

Jake stumbled back and fell to the ground. His gun flew out of his hand at the impact. Cindy watched in horror as the grotesque caricature of a horror movie villain pounced on Jake’s chest.  It raised a gore spattered fist high in the air in preparation for a killing blow.

“NO!” Shouted Cindy, instinctively. She had little power left in her, but she backed up the word with every ounce she had left.  The creature froze in place.  Looking up at her with dead eyes.  The hesitation gave Jake the chance he needed to push the creature with his right hand while rolling to his left and casting the creature off to the side.

The creature did a complete roll and came up in a crouch as Lori, Dale and Money ran out of the entrance, guns raised.  Multiple shots rang out in quick succession, catching the monster in the chest and head.  It jerked violently with each impact, dust and blood flying off in small clouds of mist as each bullet slapped home.

Cindy felt its life force flee as a final slug entered its brain and it slumped limply to the ground.  The team gradually relaxed from their shooting stances. Dale walked over to where Jake was trying to stand up and gave him a hand. “You alright?” he asked.

“I will be.” He replied with a shaky voice. “Thanks to Cindy there.”  He continued, pointing in her direction. “If she hadn’t caused it to hesitate, I’d be a goner.

Dale looked over at Cindy with a smile starting to spread across his face.  Cindy tried to return the smile as she stood there on wobbly legs but darkness closed in around her.  She had a brief view of Dale starting to run in her direction before the darkness engulfed her completely.

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