Snippet: Fangs and the Mutant Sewer Rats

An excerpt from my latest work in the Kaitlyn Strong universe.


Angry, low pitched chittering had Fangs’ soft, tawny ears rotating this way and that as his eyes detected movement, coming toward him from many directions at once.  They slid slowly into view from the shadowed spaces that lay among the pipes.  Beady, red eyes seemed to glow in the darkness as long whiskered noses twitched, catching Fangs’ scent.


His hiss became a warning growl as six huge rats slid into the open space of the intersection, surrounding him on three sides.  Black pelts seemed to swallow the shadows, making their outlines fuzzy, even to Fangs’ supernatural sight.  The only parts of them that stood out clearly were those red glowing eyes and the large white incisors set close together at the front of their snouts.  Those teeth weren’t designed for piercing flesh like Fangs’ teeth, but even in the shadowy haze, he could tell they were big enough to do some serious damage if given the chance.


Alpha predators like Fangs instinctively avoid confrontations that they can’t easily win.  After all, for a predator, any injury they might receive that slows or inhibits their ability to hunt could lead to starvation. He took two growling steps backwards before his hind quarters bumped against the wall he’d just slithered through.


He knew he dared not turn his back on the clutch of vermin slowly inching their way towards him.  Any show of weakness on his part would inspire an instant attack.  Fangs was confident that he could take one or even two of the animals easily enough.  They were barely half his size.  Of course, that meant the each rat was pushing thirty pounds and their teeth approached two inches long.  Six such creatures were more than a match for even him.

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